AFA’s Operation Enduring Support

A generous gift each month helps AFA spend more money on promoting a dominant US Air Force and less on fund-raising costs. Monthly giving creates an ongoing and predictable cash flow AFA can use to more effectively plan and execute initiatives. It is an easy and affordable way for you to make your contributions go even further in support of AFA’s mission.

To honor their commitment, monthly donors are recognized as Flight Leaders in AFA’s Operation Enduring Support.

Supporters who commit a monthly recurring donation amount of $15, $25, $50, $75, or $100+ will qualify for special gifts as listed below. We are excited to announce the group levels are all Air Force themed, with gifts ranging from blankets to a prestigious President’s Coin, cementing your important leadership level in AFA’s mission.

Monthly donors will receive the gift specific to their level and all levels below them.

The Air Force Association is proud to work on behalf of the men and women of the Air Force and honored to be the organization that helps Airmen along their journey as Airmen for Life – before, during, and after their time in service.

Together, we can continue to promote a dominant US Air Force.

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