Silver Wings Spotlight

Meg Hart, Silver Wings National Public Affairs Officer, recently interviewed Asif Asad, a Silver Wings national Member of the Month during the 2016-2017 school year. Asad is a senior studying Biochemistry at North Carolina State University and is the Treasurer for the Martha E. Metz Silver Wings Chapter.

All members of Silver Wings are members of the Air Force Association. To learn more about Silver Wings, click here.

Why did you decide you wanted to get involved in Silver Wings?

I decided to involve myself with Silver Wings due to the work the organization was doing. Silver Wings at North Carolina State University focuses on volunteer work and professional development. I really wanted to be involved in an organization which would allow me to grow and help with my future plans. Since I decided my career path would entail business, professional development was a huge factor for me when I joined Silver Wings.

What do you currently do now for Silver Wings?

Currently, I am the treasurer for my chapter. My current responsibilities include assisting the chapter help fund members to attend Regional Conclaves (ARCON) and Nation Conclaves (NATCON). I also help the chapter by encouraging social events and attending some of the associate classes to help potential new members with the transition between being an associate and a member. The Martha E. Metz Chapter enforces a mentor-mentee system for each associate member. I am one of the mentors for the upcoming associates.

How are you helping your chapter reach its goals?

Currently, one of our chapter goals is to encourage more of our members to partake in volunteering events set up by the chapter. I make an effort to consistently attend each of these events and encourage my fellow members to attend. I enjoy rallying individuals to attend events. A secondary goal for our chapter has been to increase camaraderie between the members. We wanted our chapter to be a place where members are surrounded by friends who enjoy spending time with each other. To further this, other members and I have made greater efforts to have numerous social events.

What is your favorite memory with this organization?

One of my favorite memories with Silver Wings was WolfCon (Area-Region Conclave 3). WolfCon was one my favorite memories with the organization since it really highlighted what the organization stood for and showed what the organization can accomplish when we work together. During WolfCon, I was able to meet so many people and hear about other chapters’ successes. I enjoyed learning about the good the organization has done for each of the communities supported by Silver Wings.

How has networking within Silver Wings, Arnold Air Society, or AFA helped you to be a better student and leader?

Networking within our organization and our sister organization (AFA) has benefited me by encouraging me to take on more responsibilities and becoming a more outgoing individual. Taking on a leadership role within Silver Wings has enhanced my ability to complete tasks at hand since others are relying on me. Meeting members within the (Arnold Air Society) Squadron and the Chapter has enabled me to converse with individuals who I may not have otherwise have talked to. Some of those individuals I now consider to be my close friends.