Congressional Update

The Senate is back in session on November 14th and there are only about 20 working days for Congress to finish up a handful of items before the closeout of the 114th Congress. The list includes completing the FY17 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) so Congress can send it to the White House for enactment (or veto), and supporting the appropriations bills before the continuing resolution expires on December 9th.  These are complicated by the fact Congress will be in a lame duck session. 

Congress is also looking forward to the FY18 NDAA and FY18 budget submission; they realize with a change in administration the budget will likely not be delivered by the first Monday in February.  Depending on which party wins the White House, there could be up to a 90 day delay in starting the budget overview process (the FY10 budget, the Obama administration’s first submitted budget, was delivered in May, 2009).  This will of course, put pressure on completing the budget process prior to the end of FY17.

Some of the issues the defense committees are still focused on include the repeal of the 2011 Budget Control Act and sequestration, acquisition reform, and ensuring appropriate funding levels for the Department of Defense.